Charge Cares

Charge Cares is an employee-driven initiative with a mission to be a catalyst for the Charge community to give back and look forward to ways we can come together as a team to benefit the greater good.

Our Vision

Through organized fundraisers and fun team-building activities, we inspire fellow employees to give their time and/or resources to benefit deserving individuals and nonprofit organizations. Together, we can do more and have a lasting positive impact on the communities where we live and work.


Our History

Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Charge Cares was initiated and funded by employees who wanted to help families experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, as well as show appreciation to healthcare heroes on the front lines working to keep us healthy and safe.

Thanks to the generosity of the Charge family, Charge Cares raised nearly $3,950 during its inaugural fundraiser. Nine nominated families received $200 grocery gift cards. Frontline healthcare appreciation gifts included 1,200 cookies and 400 donuts, which were delivered to nine different hospitals in Alameda, Contra Costa, Kern, Orange, San Luis Obispo and Solano counties. By the end of 2020, a total of $35,736 had been raised through three different  fundraisers, benefitting a total of 22 families, 10 nonprofit organizations (details below!) and 11 hospitals.

Multiple fundraisers are now being planned throughout the year, so please continue to check this page for new information on ways to participate.


Nominate a Family or Nonprofit

Each fundraiser includes an opportunity for employees to nominate a family undergoing financial hardship to receive a $200 grocery gift card. The remaining funds will be split between the causes, which rotate often in order to have a wider impact.

We want to hear from you! As an employee-driven initiative, it’s important that everyone who contributes has a voice in where the donations are sent. Please send nominations to


Charge Cares Fundraisers


Holiday Pie-A-Thon 2 (Pie Squared!) | Nov. 1-Dec. 10, 2021

Charge Cares is offering up another chance for employees to throw a pie in the face of their boss! Get an INSTANT pie to your recipients face. Or, buy votes toward a weekly winner. We’ll tally all the votes each week (5 weeks, 5 pies!) and the person with the most votes gets the prize of a pie in the face.

Help brighten the holidays of families who won’t be able to celebrate the holidays as usual this year. Funds raised will be used to support local toy drives, “Adopt- a-Family” programs, which provide gifts and food to deserving families in time for Christmas, as well as Afghanistan refugees. As always, if you know of a specific family or organization you would like to support, please email the information to



ReCharge Spring Fundraiser | April-June, 2021

Power up this spring with Charge Cares! Recharge your health, heart and sprit (and possibly your wallet!) by participating in these fun events aimed at raising money in celebration of Earth Month and continuing to help others in our communities.


Events include:

  • Sustainable Cow Plop Bingo – 2 boards!
  • Aim High and Low Roller Plinko – 16 winners!
  • ReCharge Step Challenge – All entered!
  • Coworker and Boss Appreciation Gifts – who are you grateful for?
  • NEW! Charge Cares Swag – portion of sales will be donated!


Holiday Pie-A-Thon | Oct. 12-Dec. 1, 2020

Charge leadership stepped up to the plate, literally! Through this fundraiser, employees had the chance to purchase votes toward a pie in the face of senior leadership and supervisors at every level; $500 bought an an “Instant Pie” with choice of target and immediate delivery.

Between the pandemic and a catastrophic fire season, there were a lot of families who didn’t get to celebrate the holidays as usual in 2020. This fundraiser was for them; to help brighten their season. Charge employees raised nearly $13,000 to purchase toys in support of seven different local holiday toy drives and “Adopt-a-Family” programs, including the B-ME Foundation. It was an amazing success and we caught it all on video! 

Water Balloon Blast | June 17-Aug. 6, 2020 

Charge Cares kicked off summer 2020 with Water Balloon Blast Fundraiser and company co-owners, Mike and Billy, on the line as targets! This epic balloon battle took place in the Benicia yard and broadcast live through

Interns get involved! Balloons were launched by hand and through machines engineered and constructed by five summer interns as part of a group challenge, providing them with real-world experience of taking a project from inception to completion.

Side bets! VPI, VPC and the office waged a friendly competition to see who could raise the most funds. The group who raised the lowest funds took on some targets as well!

During times when things seem especially serious and complicated, it’s important we come together to have a little fun and de-stress. This was our chance to do that while spreading a little goodness at the same time.


Through this fundraiser, the Charge family raised $9,747, which was matched by the company for a TOTAL OF $19,494. The donations were split between nominated families impacted financially by COVID-19 and five nonprofits: American Veterans for Equal Rights, The Trevor Project, Equal Justice InitiativeHuman Rights Campaign and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Thank you to all who contributed to this event!

Charge Cares Donut Day

Aim High With Charge

Giving back to those who serve our country and communities is a deeply held conviction for the Charge family of companies. We have chosen to support the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F) because their values of loyalty, empowerment, integrity and excellence reflect ours, and invite you to get involved and help raise funds through our 5th annual Aim High benefit.

In 2021, we celebrate 5 years with 5 events that will be held weekly starting Saturday, Sept. 11 and culminate with our traditional Sporting Clay Shoot Competition on Saturday, Oct. 9. We hope you will join us or consider donating to help reach our goal of raising $175,000 for the TACK-F mission of “Service Families Strong.”

Through powerful programs and life-changing experiences, TACK-F helps military and first responder families not only survive their service, but thrive. Your support through event registrations, donations and sponsorships will help to achieve their vision of stronger, more empowered marriages and families.

Motorcycle Ride, Trail Ride, 5K/10K Run or Hike, Family Fun Day, Sporting Clay Shoot — it’s your choice! Learn more about how you can get involved and support this event at or by emailing

Aim High with Charge logo