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Accu-Bore Directional

While our roots may exist in horizontal boring, early on we recognized a need for more complete solutions to the growing complexity of utility issues and became one of the first companies in the nation to combine engineering and directional drilling. Many of our projects still include boring, but we now offer a full suite of progressive programs for natural gas and electric distribution, communications, water/wastewater utilities and more.

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Veteran Power Infrastructure

VPI has a long history in electric distribution infrastructure. As we’ve grown, however, so have our capabilities. Today, the team is made up of a broad range of personnel to help clients map out projects from inception to completion. They include specialized engineers, excavation and directional drilling crews, field engineers, and our project managers who merge all of these skillsets into one cohesive unit.

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Veteran Pipeline Construction

VPC is your source for end-to-end gas distribution construction and utility infrastructure design. We are strategically distributed throughout California to provide scalable, highly trained teams with localized knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. As a leading engineer procure construct contractor, we offer complete solutions that will empower clients’ progress and bring value to their customers.

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Extreme Excavating Company

Extreme Excavating specializes in underground utilities, site prep, substations, directional drilling and other commercial contracting services. Based in Canby, OR, they offer a full array of utility contractor services, including vault installations, horizontal boring, trenching, substation and pole foundations, and vacuum excavations. Under our new partnership, they will work collaboratively with Charge to serve customers and identify new opportunities to expand services.

We’re Safety Focused

Charge designs and build systems with the highest regard for the safety and well-being of all. This is not a goal. The health and safety of our employees and the public are the foundation of our core values. Our sole reason for being in business has always been to help the communities we serve thrive.

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As a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, we are proud to play a role in ensuring California’s economy stays healthy and providing safer, more reliable energy and utilities for our communities. Through community outreach, compassion projects and a focus on minimizing disruption during the construction process we can have a lasting positive impact.

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