Charge companies are DVBE-certified and focused on developing and expanding relationships with small and diverse businesses through our procurement processes. These partnerships help ensure we evolve to meet the needs of our customers, while also contributing to the economic growth of the communities in which we work. 

Spotlight on: Cara Smith
Apex Undergound Supply 

APEX Underground Supply is a certified Women-Owned Business (WBE) utility construction provider

Originally from Oklahoma, Cara’s interest in infrastructure started at an early age as she learned about the gas and pipeline industry from her family. Motivated by the desire to start her own business, she built APEX Underground Supply with her husband, Gabe, from the ground up.

Cara started her supplier journey with a simple idea and a dream to be in the utility industry. Her tenacity has been the driving force behind the company’s success and APEX Underground Supply has grown exponentially under her leadership. Each employee has been trained by the Smiths personally, making it possible to provide efficient and dependable service. Charge CEO Mike Robirds realized soon after meeting Cara and Gabe that their work ethic would take them far. Since then, we have collaborated with APEX Underground Supply on years’ worth of projects and it is no surprise their capabilities keep expanding.

Apex focuses on tailoring the supply process around each customer. During the pandemic, ongoing supply chain crises put a strain on parts and equipment companies and many suppliers were unable to provide their customers with timely communication. In Cara’s world, though, business revolves around her clients and scheduling material deliveries on their preferred timeline. It is with this commitment and its investment in employees that APEX Underground Supply is able to provide customers with fast responses and competitive pricing. 

Their ability to understand each client’s unique purchasing needs has not gone unnoticed. APEX Underground Supply has earned its reputation of being a reliable supplier by going above and beyond in customer service. Charge is grateful for our relationship and looks forward to partnering with them for many more years to come.

Learn more: apexundergroundsupply.com

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