Charge is committed to quality construction and dedicated to understanding the environmental impacts of our services and activities to identify ways to reduce those impacts through better choices and planning.

Charge has adopted an Environmental Management System (EMS), which outlines how we will include the consideration of all environmental issues in all business strategies and initiatives, ensure sustainability remains core to our company values, guide employees to carry out environmental procedures, and continually improve our environmental performance. Our goal is to reduce the company’s environmental footprint within all sectors of our business and ensure sustainability is a focus throughout the duration of our projects.  

Sustainability Policy

Activities that are currently in the process of being implemented include:
  • Supply, educate and ensure proper use of recycling bins in all temporary and permanent construction yards.
  • Select project managers and engineers will become ENVISON certified to consider sustainability throughout the entire duration of the project.
  • Secure brand of water with 30% recycled packaging
  • An environmental policy will be added to new vendor form.
  • Charge will take sustainability into question moving forward when awarding vendors with work.
  • Charge will join NAFA (Premier Fleet Management Association).
  • Fleet will track and identify vehicles that operate out of normal MPG efficiency for a class of vehicle.
  • Printer paper will be switched to recycled paper and ink cartridges will be recycled.
  • Batteries will be collected and recycled
  • Data analyst role created to monitor and control: waste production, GHG emissions, water usage and energy usage.
Charge Sustainability graphic