Project Engineer

Benicia, CA | Full-Time

Business Line: Charge
Location: Benicia, CA
Travel: Infrequent
Type: Full-Time
Reports To: VPI Program Manager
Posted: June 29, 2022

The role of the Project Engineer is to assist Project Managers with safe, efficient, and high -quality delivery of assigned projects.

Reporting Structure:

The Project Engineer reports to the VPI Program Manager and will be assigned to one or more projects by the Associate Program Manager or Program Manager, and will receive daily support from a combination of the Foremen, Superintendents and Project Managers.

Career Progression:

Project Engineer 

The Project Engineer is an entry-level position to the Project Management job family.

Associate Project Manager

The Associate Project Manager is an entry-level PM position intended as the next step in the project management job family beyond the Field/project Engineer role.  As such, Associate Project Managers will typically (exceptions can be approved by the Program Manager):

  • Have less than 7 years of applicable experience
  • Manage simpler projects (single commodity, one customer, self-performed, short duration)
  • Manage less than 5 active construction projects at any time
  • Manage less than $1 m portfolio value


Expectations: Tactical Responsibilities:

The Project Engineer should be proficient in all of the Project Engineer tasks, and also adds the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Provide the Project Manager with insight to project risks and mitigation strategies. Must be able to problem solve.
  • Update project trackers for status through project lifecycle (collaboration with whole team, validate job has been approved and uploaded to HCSS, notify team of issues.)
  • Schedule deliveries of materials and services to all crews.
  • Redline project drawings as necessary.
  • Provide quality control of project documentation from sub-contractors and service providers.
  • Ensure that closeout punch list items are completed in a timely fashion and delivered to customer.
  • Collaborate with accounting team.
  • Quality control schedule and cost data as requested (acquire backup data and approved timecards as needed for billing).
  • Assist the crews with daily/weekly work planning (preparation of weekly binders, performing site walks, etc).
  • Provide PM’s PO report weekly for vendor invoice approvals.
  • Ensure that crews have accurate safety and quality documentation on site.


Expectations: Standards

  • All work will be performed in accordance with all government laws, regulations, ordinances, and court rulings in those jurisdictions in which the company operates.
  • All routine work will be documented in the system of record (Filemaker, Foundation, P6). The information included in the Project Life Cycle Manual is proprietary.
  • All work will be performed according to company policies and standards inherent in all position agreements, employee manuals, ongoing policy memoranda, and facilities and dress codes.
  • Client and company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
  • All telephone calls, both internal and external, will be returned within one business day and within two hours whenever possible.
  • Employee’s supervisor will be notified in writing and verbally of any issues to be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met by reporting person, prior to the due date.
  • Employee will provide assistance to other departments as requested.
  • All business communications, whether verbal, visual, or written, whether for internal or external use, will be professional in tone and content and in accordance with applicable and existing company policies and standards.
  • Employees will respect each other’s time, space and need for concentration. Socializing and interruptions must not impede workflow.
  • Employees will have, at a minimum, biweekly, regularly scheduled meetings with their manager.
  • Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the improvement of systems, and their department/position.
  • Employees are encouraged to constantly look at opportunities to promote their own development through advancement, education, etc to maximize their potential and job satisfaction.
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