Our core values

An interactive guide to our core values. Because what we stand for influences who we stand with.

A shared vision

From day one, we’ve sought purpose in our workplace.

At Charge, we believe in growing a high-performing team through a common set of core values. This isn’t a “going through the motions” exercise. It’s a genuine vision that’s immediately evident in the way the team operates and the types of professionals who choose to work for Charge.

Core values help shape our culture. They are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive us. By staying true to them, and the mission-forward focus our name reflects, we will realize our vision to become the most trusted and sought-after provider of utility-based infrastructure services.

Founders in front of ABD truck
Charge logo on shirt sleeve

Our methodology

Challenging one another to describe what really matters.

Why do we do what we do? To inspire partnership with our communities so all can thrive. How do we do that? As a team, we prioritize being Safe, Collaborative, Trustworthy, Courageous and Compassionate.

The journey to establish these new values has been long. It started with a company-wide cultural value assessment. This led to a thorough examination of what we stand for, believe in and aspire to. The result from this work is a clear and more concise set of values. When confronted with a challenge or opportunity, these values are our guiding light. They serve to remind us what is important and how we operate, interact and watch out for one another.

A foundational system

Our company core values are intentionally layered in a pyramid, to symbolize the way in which they build on each other and work together. The strength and stability of the pyramid is reliant on each layer, starting at the foundation and working up to the top. Due to the nature of our work, safety is of the utmost importance and forms the base of the pyramid. Employees are empowered to create a safe environment where they can focus on being collaborative, trustworthy courageous and compassionate. These values form the very heart of our company, charging us forward and guiding our daily interactions and decisions.

Charge pyramid of core values

Be Safe

Protecting ourselves and those around us.

We stay humble, aware, and look out for the communities we serve. We’re able to share our thoughts, ideas and concerns while maintaining the responsibility to stop unsafe actions. We’re eager to make the changes necessary to protect ourselves and those around us.

Charge workers focused on safety

Situational Examples

A foreman was working down the street from where a separate underground electric company was excavating. He noticed a worker from that company in a deep un-shored hole (approximately 8’ in depth). Concerned for the worker’s safety, the Charge foreman notified a utility company inspector who responded immediately. The utility company immediately stopped work and held a safety stand-down to communicate the importance of excavation safety. We will always speak up if we see an unsafe condition.

Be Collaborative

Made stronger by working together.

We recognize and value that everyone contributes selflessly to the success of the team.  We stay open to the outcome, without being tied to the outcome.  We partner with our internal and external stakeholders to identify and implement solutions, always striving for continuous improvement. We take the time necessary to listen, to share and we are never afraid to stop to ask for help.

Charge workers in hard hats

Situational Examples

The city had been hesitant to allow dry bore (moiling) to install gas services. Their position has been against doing “blind shots.” When field leadership met with the City to discuss options, the first thing they realized was their definition of blind shot was different from ours. They clarified the meaning so both agreed, and explained our potholing and mole log procedures. Because of this, the city has allowed us to do short-side services and, in some cases, given us variances to mole complete projects. We effectively communicate with all parties involved to find resolution.

Be Trustworthy

Count on us to be honest and ethical.

Trust is earned, not given, so all our words and actions matter.  We must be credible, and reliable and have a relationship built through transparency, honesty, and integrity. Our reputation is formed with partners who know us and what we care about. We are passionate about doing things right with high quality to earn the trust of our entire community.


Situational Examples

An inspector who works with us regularly shared that we are the only contractor she doesn’t worry about because she knows we address safety issues with corrective actions as soon as her team presents them. She is always grateful for how responsive we are to feedback, and how closely we work with her team to resolve any issues. We will lead by example and be ready with solutions at every turn.

Be Courageous

Placing our values in front of our fears.

We foster a culture where people are innovative and empowered to be courageous within the bounds of our values.  This often means choosing discomfort over convenience in times of uncertainty or challenge.  It requires self-regulation and restraint, and the wisdom to pause rather than follow impulse. We choose to go through, rather than around, obstacles. 

Open trench with safety cones

Situational Examples

During routine construction of a mobile home park project, a crew noticed smoke coming from a home within the park. The plumbers and laborers immediately sprang into action, using water from their equipment to prevent the fire from spreading while helping residents evacuate from the scene. Property damage was limited and no residents or crew members were injured. Through our actions we show dedication to our values.

Be Compassionate

Prioritizing people, the long term, and the greater good.

We lead with patience, humility and a long-term outlook. We seek to understand and treat others as we’d want to be treated. We build enduring relationships with our customer and community partners to ensure sustainability. We approach discipline from a place of caring. We create joyful places to work.

Charge workers in hard hats

Situational Examples

At Charge, our employees are aware of their surroundings and take the time to make sure homeowners are not inconvenienced during construction. Our foremen regularly help residents move their trashcans to the streets, so the homeowner will not miss trash pickup due to our work locations. We put residents before production.

“The Time is Always Right to do What is Right.”


In Practice

Consistent and meaningful actions are what give power to our core values.

Charge crew collaboration

Power in Partnership: Collaboration in Action

To help kids stay active and improving both basketball and life skills safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, player’s parents and the construction community rallied around 3Ball Academy to help rennovate and light up an old outdoor court.

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Charge gives back to community

Charge Cares: Giving Back to our Communities

Founded during the pandemic, this employee-driven nonprofit is a catalyst for the Charge community to give back and come together as a team to benefit the greater good through organized fundraisers and fun team-building activities.

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Charge crew focused on safety

Six on Safety: Watching out for One Another

Safety is the foundation of our core values. Each New Year begins with training and presentations to further advance our safety culture. In 2020, the focus was to put safety into the hands of those who are closest to the work, ensuring that each employee has got each other’s back…their “6.”

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Photo of Charge coin embodying our core values of Safety, Trust, Courage, Collaboration and Compassion

Challenging our teams: Stand for Something Bigger

At Charge, the unique coins we carry are emblematic of the culture we work relentlessly to foster. It is a military tradition we’ve carried forward into our professional lives to remind us that safety, quality of work and professionalism are amplified through our core values and the integrity by which we uphold them.

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