Bonanza Rule 20A

Walnut Creek, California

This is the first VPC/VPI combined “cradle to grave” joint trench EPC project, which included design, civil construction, pulling cable, energizing, removal of electric conductors, installing new city-owned streetlight poles/facilities, and restoration. This Rule20A project in downtown Walnut Creek also included service connections at the panel and de-activating overhead service lines.

Business Line: Gas and Electric
Performed By: VPC/VPI
Delivery Method: Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)
Size: 1 mile

Project Highlights

  • 2”, 4” and 6” conduit via joint trench  
  • 4,479 linear feet of trenching  
  • Installing 16,579 feet of conduit for gas, electric, communications
  • Five #7 vaults
  • Four #5 vaults 
  • Installing 46 enclosures/concrete pads 
  • Pulling and terminating of cable 
  • Installation of 8 city streetlights 
  • Installation of 17 new gas services 

Project Services

  • Engineering 
  • Procurement  
  • Joint Trench Installation 
  • Excavation for streetlight foundations
  • Panel Conversions 
  • Cable Pulling and Energization
  • Traffic Control  
  • Hardscape restoration