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Shingle Springs Fire Hardening

Shingle Springs, California

To relocate utilities from overhead lines to underground pipes, ABD installed 1.7 miles of conduit via directional drilling.

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Pope Valley Road System Hardening

Napa County, Calif.

VPI completed a 3.6-mile project along Pope Valley Road in Napa County as part of a larger award to underground 39 circuit miles of power lines.

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Bonanza Rule 20A

Walnut Creek, California

A VPC/VPI combined “cradle to grave” joint trench EPC project to relocate overhead utility lines.

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Marquam Radial Feeder System

Portland, Oregon

The Marquam Radial scope expanded the Marquam substation to deliver service to Portland's South Waterfront, as well as accommodate future radial feeder getaways.

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Lincoln High School

Portland, Oregon

The Lincoln High School project scope was to dig and set three 8-Series vaults, tying into two existing energized vaults and a trench package of (12) 6” conduits.

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Pearl Apartments

Portland, Oregon

Installation of vaults, primary and secondary conduits conduit for a new construction apartment building in Portland’s Pearl District.

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Avila Beach

San Luis Obispo, California

ABD crews were treated with spectacular views while replacing a section of exposed/leaking natural gas service over a coastal bluff using a Ditch Witch 4020 directional boring rig. The project involved installing new pipeline parallel to the path of the existing pipeline, connecting the new service to the distribution system and abandoning the old pipeline.

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Copper Service Replacement Program

Multiple locations throughout California

VPC designed and constructed service replacements, supporting a 3-year gas distribution program to remove remaining underground copper services installed in the 1930s and 1970s.

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Berkeley Cable Replacement

Berkeley, California

This power cable replacement project in downtown Berkeley replaced vulnerable cable, some of which dated back to the 1930’s.

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Colusa Rule 20A Utility Relocation

Colusa, California

Installation of more than 15,500 linear feet (LF) of joint trench to convert overhead to underground distribution along a major arterial roadway as part of a larger Caltrans project to flatten the roadway, construct new sidewalks, and improve drainage.

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Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California

Returning back to where it all began! In 2006 we completed our first bore job at MCB Camp Pendleton and then returned in 2009 to complete four other major infrastructure projects. This project kicked off in the fall of 2018, with VPC leading the construction effort to install more than five miles of HDPE gas pipeline.

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Aldyl-A Replacement Program

Multiple locations throughout California

VPC is actively replacing gas mains and service lines around California as part an ongoing effort to upgrade plastic and steel pipelines with modern materials.

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High Speed Rail Selma

Selma to Earlimart, California

This project relocates overhead electrical lines underground in preparation for California High-Speed Rail Authority's construction package 2-3 — a 60-mile stretch within the counties of Fresno, Tulare and Kings.

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Santa Rosa Road Parallel Bores

Lompoc, California

To support new construction for a winery production facility, ABD successfully installed two 8″ HDPE sleeves to underground six utilities including electrical, telecommunication, water reclamation and sanitary sewer.

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Butte County Rebuild

Paradise, California

With efforts underway to rebuild the city of Paradise, VPC is working to provide gas and electric infrastructure to help residents move back into the community while also being provided with new, safe and reliable energy sources.

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High Speed Rail Fresno

Fresno, California

VPI provided engineering and construction services to underground PG&E overhead electric lines as part of California High-Speed Rail Authority’s work to build a 119-mile stretch through the Central Valley.

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South Bay Mobile Home Park

San Jose, California

This 216-space MHP in Santa Clara County received a major upgrade to their gas and electric infrastructure.

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R.O. Loop 556

Downtown San Francisco, California

VPI crews converted a network of streetlights across five city blocks in a highly trafficked area to efficient LED, along Howard Street, from 4th and 9th Streets.

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Rocky Canyon Road

Atascadero, California

In a rugged and rocky area south of downtown Atascardero, a leak was detected in a high pressure gas transmission line located on privately owned land.

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Santa Monica Debris Basin

Santa Barbara County, California

Following the massive Thomas fire, more than 50 feet of debris and sediment were trapped by heavy rains in the basin and needed to be removed before another impending storm.

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