Colusa Rule 20A Utility Relocation

Colusa, California

VPC Rule 20 pipeline construction project

Installation of more than 15,500 linear feet (LF) of joint trench to convert overhead to underground distribution along a major arterial roadway as part of a larger Caltrans project to flatten the roadway, construct new sidewalks, and improve drainage. Project included relocation of underground gas mains, installation of new communication, gas and electric service for more than 45 residents and businesses, pulling and terminating of PG&E cable, installing new equipment on pads and in underground enclosures and removing overhead conductor, power poles and equipment no longer in service.

Business Line: Gas & Electric
Performed By: Veteran Pipeline Construction (VPC), a Charge company
Delivery Method: Primary/General contractor
Size: Approximately 15,500 Linear Feet

Project Highlights

  • 47,839 LF of conduit
  • 7,651 LF of gas pipeline
  • 136 enclosures/concrete pads

Project Services

  • Joint Trench
  • Gas Distribution
  • Electric Infrastructure