Rocky Canyon Road

Atascadero, California

In a rugged and rocky area south of downtown Atascardero, a leak was detected in a high pressure gas transmission line located on privately owned land. SoCalGas determined horizontal directional drilling (HDD) would be the best method for installation of a new steel pipeline to minimize environmental impact, reduce restoration costs and cause the least disruption for homeowners. Because it was considered a high level risk due to the potential hazard of an exposed transmission line and close proximity to a waterway, ABD worked quickly to engineer a plan and begin boring. The project was initiated and completed in two weeks.

Business Line: Directional Drilling
Performed By: Accu-Bore Directional (ABD), a Charge company
Delivery Method: Construction services

Project Highlights

  • 775 linear feet of 10” steel gas lines in two separate bores
  • 20 linear feet of 10” steel gas line 10 feet below creek
  • 1 set of professional engineered drawings

Project Services

  • Engineering
  • Directional Drilling
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Urgent Repair