R.O. Loop 556

Downtown San Francisco, California

VPI crews converted a network of streetlights across five city blocks in a highly trafficked area to efficient LED, along Howard Street, from 4th and 9th Streets. As part of traffic control, crews created an active bike lane to ensure bicyclist safety throughout the construction zone.

Business Line: Electric
Performed By: Veteran Power Infrastructure (VPI), a Charge company

Project Highlights

  • Preliminary potholing for utility locating and soil sampling
  • Excavate existing sidewalk concrete around streetlights
  • Install 2” PVC conduit via open trenching and horizontal boring
  • Set streetlight and secondary boxes at each location
  • Tie into transformers into existing manholes at some locations

Project Services

  • Utility Locating
  • Directional Drilling
  • Vault Installation
  • Traffic Control
  • Restoration